German Courses


Cultural and leisure-time programm

Experiencing another culture and making contact with the people are essential for a true understanding of the language. We have therefore incorporated culture and leisure programmes as important components of our course programmes, complementing classroom activities through personal experience of the German-speaking environment.

AveLang organises several events which include:

  • Excursions, weekend trips, and City tour
  • Trade fairs, exhibitions and museums
  • Pub nights, parties, discos
  • Sports programmes
  • Other activities upon request


Levels A1-B1: The main priority is to acquire a knowledge of basic German language and structures

Levels B2-C2: Focus on improving spoken and written German and perfecting language skills requires for everyday life and the career world


  • Improve your grammar and writing skills
  • Lessons designed to address specific needs of the group
  • Learn how to keep track of common language problems and techniques on how to improve them
  • Learn how to monitor your progress and correct your own language mistakes
  • Practise German in different types of conversations and dialogues
  • Learn the vocabulary and skills required to communicate effectively in the business environment
  • Specifically selected topics to suit the needs and interests of the group
  • Cultural and leisure-time programmes

2 units. twice a week (maximum of 13 participants)
Weeks 2 3 4 5 610 11 12 
Prices €64 €96 €128 €160 €192 €224 €256 €288 €320 €352 €384

3 units, once a week (maximum of 13 participants)
Weeks 2 3 4 5 610 11 12 
Prices €48 €72 €72* €120 €144 €168 €192 €216 €240€264 €288