New: The AveLang Book Club!





News and Events

AME series

In the Art, Music and English (AME) series, we collaborate with various artist to bring you workshops and fun-packed events in English. For more information and to register your interest in an upcoming event, please contact us.

English Fridays ℠

The English Fridays programmes are designed to help you improve your English speaking skills by interacting with others at a get-together social event. 

Next upcoming event: Dinner in East Restaurant.

Programme: You get to order your meals and discuss selected topics in English.

Price includes a two-unit English Social Situations workshop. 

Dates: 29th of November 2013. Social Situations workshop starting at 15:00 and dinner at East from 17:30 onwards. Book your place here

AveLang Book Club

  • Learn how to build sentences in English
  • Expand your vocabulary
  • Improve your grammar
  • Write short stories in English

Join the ABC! 

You can also join AveLang Book Club in other languages, such as German and Spanisch. Please contact us for more information. Call 040 2533 5803.