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Courses & Workshops

Intensive English for Business
  • 2x2 lessons per week with specific focus on business communication skills
  • Topic areas includes meetings, business writing, negotiations, presentations, marketing, and finance
  • Learn the vocabulary and skills required to communicate effectively in the business environment
  • Course suitable for both pre-work and in-work students
  • Specifically selected topics to suit the needs and interests of the group
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 English  with Communication Skills
  • 2x2 per week with focus on all aspects of speaking
  • Learn how to use English in formal and informal situations
  • Practice and improve your fluency and accuracy in speaking
  • Practise English in different  types of conversations and dialogues as well as in discussions and debates
  • Focus on pronunciation by working on intonations and individual sounds
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English with focus on Grammar and Writing 
  • 2x2 lessons per week with specific focus on improving your grammar and writing skills
  • Lessons designed a address specific needs of the group
  • Learn how to keep track of common language problems and techniques on how to improve them
  • Learn how to monitor your progress and correct your own language mistakes 
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Advanced Communication (Advanced students only)
  • 2x2 lessons per week with special focus on how to use English effectively for real daily life situations
  • Learn idioms and look at the hidden meanings English humour or sarcasm
  • Discuss everyday topics, news articles and current affairs
  • Focus on improving your pronunciation