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Fees and Dates

At AveLang, price counts. We take care of your budget!

2 units, once a week (maximum of 6-10 participants)
Weeks 2 3 4 5 610 11 12 
Price € 64 € 96 € 128 € 160 € 192 € 224 € 256 € 288 € 320 € 352 € 384

Please contact us on 040 2533 5803 for timetables and information on our various range of groups.


Alternatively, you can choose from any one of our various range of groups below:

Double Advantage - Only 2 participants (3x1 lessons per week, maximum of 2 participants) 

You learn a new language intensively with one other participant. Here you have a double advantage: 1) The benefits of being in a group - which means, lots of role play activities with the other participant. 2) Faster results by having more control over your learning speed and getting more attention from the trainer.

Price: Starting from €180 per month

Standard Group - 2 to 6 participants (3x1 lessons per week, maximum of 6 participants)

In the standard group you discover the benefits of active speaking with 4 to 6 other participants. With guidance and motivation from your trainer, you are sure to achieve success in a short time.

Price: Starting from €120 per month

Semi-Standard Group - 6 to 8 participants (3x1 lessons per week, maximum of 8 participants)

Here you learn with a group of 6-9 participants in a very interactive classroom atmosphere. With selected discussion topics and lots of role plays, you are able to improve your vacabulary, and perfect your speaking & listening skills. 

Price: Starting from €96 per month

Major Group - 8 to 12 participants (3x1 lessons per week, maximum of 12 participants)

The AveLang Major Group has the added advantage of improving your communication skills as well as giving you value for money. Lots of free-speaking activities are incorporated into the lessons which helps boost your confidence in speaking the new language. 

Price: Starting from €72 per month


Lessons can be taken in the mornings, afternoons, evenings, as well as on Saturdays. You can choose how often you want to have your lessons in the week. Courses can also be booked as an intensive crash course with lessons on a daily basis. For example Mondays - Fridays from 9:30 - 13:30.

All courses are aimed at improving your communication skills as well as helping you perfect your grammar. We focus on helping you expand on your vocabulary, speaking, writing and listening skills in the target language. The choice of courses depends on individual language needs. To assist you in choosing the best course and for a free Needs Analysis, please contact our team on: 040 2533 5803