Why take a course at AveLang

At AveLang we adopt a personalised approach to teaching, meaning you have the advantage of taking a course specific to your needs. We also have course programmes designed for most business professions.

You can choose between group courses, one-to-one courses, intensive crash-courses, as well as business specific courses. All our courses have three essential goals: 1) to help build your vocabulary 2) perfect your grammar 3) to enable you communicate effectively in the target language!

Take advantage of learning in a pleasant and friendly classroom atmosphere. Since one of our goals is to improve your communication skills, in the classroom you will be doing most of the talking – this approach to using the target language freely, helps boost your confidence and has successful results. With help from our trained language instructors, you will succeed in improving your pronunciation skills.

Teenagers and young adults preparing for exams can also take advantage of our course programmes. Our exams preparation courses are designed to help familiarise you with exam tasks, improve your exam performance and boost your confidence.

We offer courses in English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. Group courses lasts between 3-12 months, depending on your learning targets and previous language knowledge. We have courses in the mornings, afternoons, evenings as well as saturdays. For exact start dates please contact us on: 040 2533 5803

Your Proficiancy Levels

Before you start a course, a Needs Analysis will be done, to enable us determine your proficiency level. This is completely free of charge, and will assist us in selecting the best language programme suitable to your needs.

 Level Common European Framework  ALTE   BEC
 Upper Intermediate  B2.2 – C1.1  4  Higher
 Intermediate  B1.2 – B2.1  3  Vantage
 Pre-Intermediate  A2.2 – B1.1  2  Preliminary
 Elementary  A1.1 – A2.1


Placement Test

To enable us determine your proficiency level and to assist with placing you in the right course, please complete the placement test below and email it to tutor@AveLang.de