About us

About us

At AveLang, we adopt a personalised approach to teaching, that is why we provide you with language training programmes tailored to your individual needs.

A fresh and dynamic training company, AveLang was founded in Hamburg, by Grace Denker to provide outstanding, quality language training services to companies and individuals.

We offer a wide range of language courses and workshops to help improve your language skills. We have also developed the AMES (Arts Music and English Series), English Fridays, and Games Night, with the aim of improving your communication skills. During these occasional, interesting, and fun-packed events and programmes, you will be able to practise using the language in new situations, and in a relaxed, friendly and social atmosphere.

Why take a course at AveLang?

Take advantage of learning in a pleasant and friendly classroom atmosphere. Since one of our goals is to improve your communication skills, in the classroom you will be doing most of the talking – this approach to using the target language freely, helps boost your confidence and has successful results. With help from our trained language instructors, you will succeed in improving your pronunciation skills.