AveLang Language School

Since 2009, we have been gaining recognition in Hamburg City-South for offering best language courses with vibrant, contemporary teaching methods. With your feedbacks and trust in our modern language programs, we are encouraged to broaden our horizons and to grow every day. With fresh ideas and innovative concepts, we would like to continue offering you the excellent language teaching, which you are used to receiving from us. Please join us on the road to success, with the target language: AveLang – Avenue of Languages! You can profit from our classic groups, one-to-one courses, and unique workshops, which are efficient and time-saving in helping you achieve your language goals. We design our lessons in such a way that you learn exactly what you need. From our broad range of courses, you have the choice to book only the course that suits your needs and your learning behavior. It is our business philosophy to adapt our courses to your requirements. Thanks to your suggestions, we are growing in strength – please accompany us on the path to success, with the target language!